My name is Sven-Erik Wahl and I'm born in the late 1968. I live by myself in an apartment on a densely populated Island called Lilla Essingen located just at the entrance to the town of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

My main interest is outdoor life. As soon I got any chance I'm out in the nature. Depending of the season it's ice-skating, cross-country skiing, hiking, sea kayaking, camping... 
I'm also interested in electronics, computers and radio. I'm a ham with call sign SM0RHK. In addition to this home page I'm  web master for the Swedish Mountain club and Kvarnbergets Ham Radio Club homepages. 

I also like to travel and discover other cultures and natures. 

As profession I work with wireless communication solutions, mainly Private Radio Systems (PMR) at the company TC connect. To read more about my working field visit the homepage